Oral Steroids

Oral steroids, anabolics, muscle gain pills, the most convenient variant of steroids or anabolics to use. Compared to injectables, tablet preparations are represented by a smaller variety, but the most popular pharmacology is often produced by manufacturers in two forms of release. Someone prefers to drink a mass set of drugs and not rely on uncomfortable and painful injections.

Oral anabolics are distinguished by a special molecular structure that allows the active ingredient not to be destroyed in the gastrointestinal tract and quickly enters the bloodstream. Further, moving through the blood, it enters the liver, this organ deactivates part of the anabolic, but the rest of the substance has the desired effect. Very often, athletes try to give preference to injectable steroids, since they are not as hepatotoxic as oral anabolics. Nobody claims that a mass gainer tablet is much more convenient to use and for this it is not necessary to follow any special rules.

Steroid tablets

Steroid tablets

A pronounced property of steroid tablets for gaining muscle mass is a short action and rapid breakdown in the liver. The average shelf life of anabolic tablets is 24 hours. Therefore, steroids of this form are taken throughout the day in equal doses to maintain the desired level of the substance in the blood.

Advantages and disadvantages of taking oral steroids

All drugs have advantages and disadvantages, especially oral steroids, which are often used by athletes in sports to achieve the desired result.


Positive features of the drug include:

  • Convenient use. The tablet can be taken at any time of the day, if necessary, simply washed down with water.
  • The tablets are very effective and are quickly excreted from the body.
  • As for the disadvantages of the tablet form, the following nuances can be noted:
  • Frequency of tablet use.
  • There is not a range as wide as that of injectables.
  • They do a lot of damage to the liver.
  • Be sure to take a PCT at the end of the course.

If the athlete follows all the instructions and does not allow himself to deviate from the dose established by the trainer or doctor, the possibility of encountering adverse reactions is very small. In most cases, this happens if a person has a history of chronic kidney and liver pathologies.